Beat By the Heat

RAGBRAI Day Minus 2 I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew, at least more than I think I can chew.  If at least one time during an endeavor you say “what the hell was I thinking” it wasn’t worth it.  This attitude has served me well, but if you continually […]

A New Way

Stampede Pass to Tacoma Pass via Lizard Lake While I embrace the uncertainty of adventure cycling, I prefer to have some confidence that a route actually pushes through the rough stuff and actually goes somewhere.  This is why I appreciate the NW Gravel Riders Facebook group – new routes that are ridable and that don’t […]

Day 7 XWA Burning Bridges

After our sixth evening out Mykenna and I were getting dialed in.  We both awoke with the rising sun, ate breakfast (cold instant coffee and Pop Tart Bites) and were packed, strapped and rolling by half past five.  We made good time on good roads when, a mile outside of Pine City, we followed bike […]

Day 6 XWA – Killer Clown

At first light, Mykenna and I realized that we’d slept less than one hundred yards from a semi-permanent encampment occupied by an odd lady and several dogs enclosed in a makeshift chainlink enclosure.  She later told Mykenna that if he didn’t “behave himself” she’d have to release the dogs.  He behaved himself. The bivy thing […]