Campbell Global Up Down

60 mile 3500 foot lollipop route in the Campbell Global Forest. Route info here: The early daze gravel rider doesn’t have to look too hard to find new and exciting routes in the expansive Campbell-Global Forest.  The area has just about anything a gravel rider could want: flat and smooth – yep, steep and […]

CCC to Bessemer Road

Bessemer Road is destroyed just above CCC junction. Route info here: I’ve been hearing/reading about the CCC trail and the Bessemer Road climb for a few years now and finally my buddy and Eric and I were able to take an afternoon to investigate.  The CCC and Bessemer are east of North Bend, WA […]

Mountain Loop Highway

Granite Falls to Barlow Pass to Darrington to Arlington to Granite Falls.  95 miles with 14 miles of gravel and 4500 feet of elevation. One thing that I really enjoy is knocking off something that’s been on the hit list for some time.  The idea of cycling Washington’s Mountain Loop Highway has been floating around […]

Bon Jon Pass

Quilcene to Blyn over Bon Jon Pass.  50 Miles with 5300 ft of climbing. Route information can be found here: Bon Jon Pass is on the remote Olympic Peninsula between the small town of Quilcene and the extravagant gas station at Blyn.  I learned of the route by stalking Kiel Reijnen’s (local resident and […]