Bivies, Tarps and Tents

I come to bikepacking from a climbing background and thus I see shelter from the lens and history of a mountaineer.  One difference between the climbing and bikepacking culture seems to be that bikepackers tend to prefer solo sleeping systems.  This makes sense as solo technical mountaineering is dangerous and rare whereas solo bikepacking is […]

Gun Lube?

I’ve learned that if you’re gonna ride here in the Pacific Northwest you’re gonna have to adopt a regular bicycle chain maintenance program.  Few things in the cycling life are as irritating as a crunchy chain. Chain lubrication does two things: reduces friction between moving parts and prevents corrosion, neither of which require large amounts […]

All For One

Over the past ten years I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with bicycle road racing.  I love the camaraderie, the thrill and the on the edge of your physical limit intensity of the sport, but what I hate is the built-in duplicity. There’s a saying in bicycle racing “don’t work harder, work smarter.”  In other words, […]