Unbound 2023

Oh goodness where to begin the story of Unbound. I’ve been trying to gain entry into Unbound before it was Unbound: back in the Dirty Kanza days.  Well 2023 was my lucky year, and way back in January I was notified that I had indeed been given entry into the event. Be careful what you […]

GRiT Pre-Ride #1

Route Beta: This is a mountain biker’s gravel course: significant climbing on minimally maintained roads.  I suggest 1.9” or wider tires (basically mountain bike tires) and gearing as low as you can go (mountain bike gearing).  The Yeti is old skool with a triple in the front.  I spent a lot of time in the […]

Olympic 300

Over the weekend I joined my “up for anything” friend Mykenna on a 300Km brevet ride with the Seattle International Randonneurs.  A brevet is an organized ride with a set start time and a set route.  For the 300Km distance the rider is allotted twenty hours to complete the course.  An interesting aspect of riding […]

Post Adventure Blues

Following a recent ride of the Oregon Outback I got to thinking a bit more about something that I’ve experienced for nearly three decades – what I call Post Adventure Blues (or PAB).  Recently I’ve discovered that this is a common condition known as Post Event Depression.  For me, the feeling has never escalated for […]