Taylor Mountain Loop

The Taylor Mountain – Rattlesnake Mountain – Tiger Mountain route is gaining a lot of attention these days so I figured I’d better pen a story about the trip Eric and I did a few weeks back.

Eric and I both live on Mercer Island so we left from home and headed south to Renton.  From there we followed the Cedar River Trail to SE 216th St, just south of Highway 18.  We turned left onto SE 216th and rode east to Issaquah-Hobart road.  From there it’s a quick left and then a right onto SE 208th St.

SE 208th St runs nearly due east gaining a bit over 1000 feet in 8 miles.  Sometimes the climbing is gradual, sometimes it’s in your face.  Eventually we came to a “No Trespassing” sign where we turned left past a sturdy yellow gate and commenced a steep rough climb.  From here it’s descent gravel riding all the way down to a large power station.

Stream bed hike-a-bike

At the power station Eric and I descended some unpleasant chunky railroad ballast which quickly petered out to a trail turned streambed.  The streambed – definitely hike-a-bike – took us under Highway 18.  Once under the highway we were able to remount and followed a narrow path out to a residential road that led to the Upper Preston Road.

From here it’s a fast downhill drop into Issaquah along the Grand Ridge access trail.  Eric had to be home for a teleconference so we put the hammer down and pushed hard all the way back to Mercer Island.

If you live in or around Seattle this is a good middle distance, mixed media ride with low traffic road miles.  This is a really good route for those looking for a mid-week early evening escape from the city.

Link to the route: https://www.strava.com/activities/3437471766

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