Campbell Global Up Down

60 mile 3500 foot lollipop route in the Campbell Global Forest. Route info here: The early daze gravel rider doesn’t have to look too hard to find new and exciting routes in the expansive Campbell-Global Forest.  The area has just about anything a gravel rider could want: flat and smooth – yep, steep and […]

CCC to Bessemer Road

Bessemer Road is destroyed just above CCC junction. Route info here: I’ve been hearing/reading about the CCC trail and the Bessemer Road climb for a few years now and finally my buddy and Eric and I were able to take an afternoon to investigate.  The CCC and Bessemer are east of North Bend, WA […]

Mountain Loop Highway

Granite Falls to Barlow Pass to Darrington to Arlington to Granite Falls.  95 miles with 14 miles of gravel and 4500 feet of elevation. One thing that I really enjoy is knocking off something that’s been on the hit list for some time.  The idea of cycling Washington’s Mountain Loop Highway has been floating around […]

Bon Jon Pass

Quilcene to Blyn over Bon Jon Pass.  50 Miles with 5300 ft of climbing. Route information can be found here: Bon Jon Pass is on the remote Olympic Peninsula between the small town of Quilcene and the extravagant gas station at Blyn.  I learned of the route by stalking Kiel Reijnen’s (local resident and […]

DIYGravel #1

Abstract Sixty two mile mixed media ride incorporating Snoqualmie Valley roads with Tolt Pipeline and Campbell Global gravel. Ted King’s busy schedule of summer gravel racing has been blown apart due to the coronavirus pandemic and so in an effort to salvage his season he’s put together DIYgravel.  Ted plans to ride a route […]