To Middle Fork Washout

Easy ride up the rehabilitated Middle Fork Road :

Middle Fork Road

Located only thirty miles from Seattle the Middle Fork Road provides convenient access to quality hiking and fishing, but in the past this convenience has come at a price: weirdness.  The last thing I want in the wilderness is weird, funky uncomfortable situations.  Don’t get me wrong, I thrive on weird (much to the chagrin of my children), but dangerous, volatile, unpredictable weird – no thanks.  During the nineties and early two thousands the Middle Fork seemed to be the domain of the dangerously weird, and every time I visited the area I’d pass by numerous uninviting blue tarp camps and would hear the repeated cracks of not-so-distant gunfire.  Thankfully twenty years of hard work and a lot of money has paid off and the Middle Fork Road has now been transformed into a safe, idyllic outdoor playground.

Trailhead near the washout

I parked in the town on Snoqualmie and pedaled the backroads to North Bend.  I would have preferred to ride the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, but it was closed due to the pandemic situation.  From North Bend I paralleled I90 towards the truck stop that marks the beginning of the Middle Fork.

Cross the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River

Whoever paved the Middle Fork Road really knew how to lay asphalt; I’ve rarely rolled over a surface this smooth.  Combine the silky-smooth road with the lush mountain scenery, rolling rivers, fog enshrouded craggy peaks and a total absence of vehicle traffic and you have the recipe for a postcard bike ride.  I soon found out why there were no vehicles on the road: a construction worker who was manning a barricade told me that the road was washed out seven miles ahead.  He said that I was welcome to ride, but to be careful of the fast-moving dump trucks.  As it turned out I was only passed by one truck on the fourteen mile out and back.

The weather was a bit misty but it felt appropriate.  The temperature was in the mid to upper fifties and I was rolling along at a good pace and I was fine with the light rain. 

The road is now repaired and I look forward to exploring the portion past the seven mile washout.  This road also seems like a wonderful easy family ride – so long as you do it on a weekday.

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