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The 2002 American Manaslu Expedition

Endorsed by:

American Alpine Club

Sponsored by:

Black Diamond



Mountain Safety Research

Outdoor Research

Ropak Packaging

Seattle Manufacturing Corp.

Smith Fabrication

Sterling Rope


Itinerary and Dispatches

Our team climbed Manaslu during the pre-monsoon climbing season of 2002.  Using data gathered from previously successful climbs we determined that the optimum time to be vying for the summit is between May 1st and May 12th, and therefore our itinerary was planned to place us in summit position beginning May 2nd.

Using a satellite phone, a rugged computer and a digital camera, we provided periodic dispatches from Nepal; see the links to our dispatches below.

(Notes: The start of the team's trek from Gorkha was delayed one day from the planned itinerary shown below. On April 14, the team reported a need to conserve battery power due to a problem with its solar-powered battery charger. On April 23 the team reported continuing difficulties with the solar-powered battery charger and the batteries powering its laptop computer. Pending resolution of those problems the team "phoned in" dispatches. On May 8 the team reported that the system again allowed composition and transmission of dispatches.)

The team would like to give a special thanks to our webmaster, Bob Monn (seen here with team members Scott Boettcher and Tom Fitzsimmons):

Day Date Planned Activity Actual Activity with Dispatches
1 Apr 5-6 Fly from Seattle to Tokyo to Bangkok Fly from Seattle to Tokyo to Bangkok
2 Apr 7 Fly from Bangkok to Kathmandu Fly from Bangkok to Kathmandu
3 Apr 8 Customs and tour First hours in Kathmandu
4 Apr 9 Drive to Gorkha; trek to Khanchock Delayed one day in Kathmandu; reflections on leaving
5 Apr 10 Trek from Khanchock to Arughat  
6 Apr 11 Trek from Arughat to Yari Khola First full day of trekking
7 Apr 12 Trek from Yari Khola to Phidim, Deng Sante Bazaar to Labubesi
8 Apr 13 Trek from Phidim, Deng to Namru  
9 Apr 14 Trek from Namru to Sela More trekking; lunch at Jagat
10 Apr 15 Trek from Sela to Samagaon  
11 Apr 16 Trek from Samagaon to Base Camp  
12 Apr 17 Rest and acclimatize Samagaon
13 Apr 18 Rest and acclimatize Rest at Samagaon
14 Apr 19 Establish Camp 1 Samagaon to Base Camp
15 Apr 20 Establish Camp 1 (continued)  
16 Apr 21 Establish Camp 1 (continued) Established Base Camp
17 Apr 22 Establish Camp 2 Established Camp 1
18 Apr 23 Establish Camp 2 (continued) Resting at Base Camp
19 Apr 24 Establish Camp 2 (continued)  
20 Apr 25 Establish Camp 3  
21 Apr 26 Establish Camp 3 (continued)  
22 Apr 27 Establish Camp 3 (continued) From Base Camp
23 Apr 28 Establish Camp 3 (continued) From Base Camp
24 Apr 29 Establish Camp 4  
25 Apr 30 Establish Camp 4 (continued)  
26 May 1 Establish Camp 4 (continued) From Camp 1
27 May 2 Summit Attempt Climbs  
28 May 3 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued)  
29 May 4 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued)  
30 May 5 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued) Camp 3 Established 
31 May 6 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued)  
32 May 7 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued) From Camp 3
33 May 8 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued) Back from 22,000' 
34 May 9 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued) Preparing for the Summit Push
35 May 10 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued)  
36 May 11 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued) Summit Attempt Underway
37 May 12 Summit Attempt Climbs (continued) Summit Attempt Underway
38 May 13 Return to Base Camp Summit Day (7:00 AM)
From the Summit! (11:45 AM)
39 May 14 Return to Base Camp (continued)  
40 May 15 Trek to Gorkha;
drive to Kathmandu
The Descent
The Descent (continued)
41 May 16  
42 May 17 Trek from Base Camp to Samagaon (photo)
43 May 18  
44 May 19 Fly via helicopter from Samagaon to Kathmandu (photos)
45 May 20 Celebrating in Kathmandu 
46 May 21  
47 May 22  
48 May 23  
49-50 May 24 Fly home Fly from Kathmandu to Bangkok to Tokyo to Seattle

Note: A calendar day is "lost" on the trip from Seattle to Kathmandu and a calendar day is "gained" on the return trip. Local time in Kathmandu is 12 hours and 45 minutes ahead of Pacific Time.