Seeking the Spiritgraphic of soaring eagle

The 2002 American Manaslu Expedition

Endorsed by:

American Alpine Club

Sponsored by:

Black Diamond



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Manaslu Facts

Located forty miles east of Annapurna, Manaslu, the eighth highest summit in the world, dominates the Gurkha massif.  The name Manaslu is derived from the Sanskrit word, Manasa, meaning "Mountain of the Spirit," which is why we've named our expedition "Seeking the Spirit".

After several failed attempts a Japanese party finally made the first ascent of Manaslu in 1956; it wasn't climbed again until 1971.  In 1997 Charlie Mace made the first American ascent and since that time only four other Americans have stood on Manaslu's summit.  Our route is of moderate technical difficulty, but the true difficulty will be the grueling nature of this remote peak.  After an arduous trek to base camp we will be faced with a circuitous route up a mountain infamous for heavy snow accumulation.  Avalanches and sheer exhaustion will be our major obstacles.  

    Other names: Kutang
  Elevation: 26,758 feet / 8,163 meters
  Location: Gurkha Himal, Nepalese Himalaya
  Year First Climbed:    1956
  First Climbed by: Toshio Imanishi (Japan),
Galalzen Norbu (Nepal)