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Vol. 1, No. 1    April MM



    Slowly, Slowly - Travels in Turkey

Fifteen hundred years ago Christians erected the Hagia Sofa in  Constantinople.  Five hundred years ago Muslims erected  the Mosque of Sulleyman - more commonly known as the Blue Mosque - in the city of Istanbul.  Believe it or not, these magnificent structures, one a revered site among Orthodox Christians, the other a destination for Muslim pilgrims, stand across the street from one another.  Follow my journal as my wife and I travel from Istanbul to Cappadocia to the Aegean coast.


    The Adams Family

Good friends, good times and an eight thousand foot ski run on Washington's number two volcano - Mt. Adams


    Good Karma on Baldy Knoll

Riding the fluff in the Teton backcountry



    The Staff of Life

Nothing says home like the aroma of fresh-baked bread, here are two favorite recipes.

Just the Facts

    Who Were We Bombing Anyway?

        Trying to understand what became of Yugoslavia


    The Early Years

        A page dedicate to my friend and favorite person


Artworkslive.com    The web site of my friend - the artist Becky Bailey.  The live feed into her studio is excellent

Operation T-Bird

The restoration of my dad's 1955 Thunderbird