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I credit my mother for providing me with a love of travel and exploration. As a young schoolteacher she spent her summers traveling and working odd jobs, even spending three months in pre-Castro Cuba. During my teenage years my parents encouraged my brothers and I to experience the world beyond our hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, even going so far as to finance a memorable trip to the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan.

After obtaining an education in aerospace engineering I moved to Seattle where I immediately fell in love with the pristine wilderness and postcard scenery of the Pacific Northwest. The birth of my son, Sam, in 1997 prompted me to leave engineering and pursue a career as a freelance writer and photographer. Today Sam joins me on hikes and local photo trips where he is a cheerful companion and a patient observer. I want his childhood to smell of sunshine and cedar.

I wholeheartedly endorse a vigorous and adventurous lifestyle. Extending personal limits and experiencing cultural diversity amplifies the life experience, and reduces personal prejudices. I believe that we must actively preserve diverse cultures and wild places in order to provide a world where future explorers can experience the reward of a life well-lived. Through my stories and photography I hope to foster awareness and appreciation for the unique faces and untamed places of our planet.

Iíve modified the old adage of write what you know about to write what you want to know about and have devoted much of my writing to the following subjects:

  • Travel

  • Outdoor sports

  • Cultural diversity

  • Simple living

  • Protecting the environment

  • Family

For those who are interested here a few trips that have kept me off the streets during the past decade:

  • 1993 Ascent of Denali

  • 1994 Mt. Foraker/Denali Expedition

  • 1995 Southern Patagonia Icecap Expedition

  • 1996 Second ascent Mt. Pietrobeli - Southern Patagonia Icecap

  • 1998 Ski traverse Sierra Range

  • 2000 Ski traverse Haute Route

  • 2001 Ski traverse Teton Range

  • 2002 Ski traverse Teton Range

  • 2002 Ascent of Manaslu (8163m)